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  • Honeycomb Tissue Paper Balls
Name:Honeycomb Tissue Paper Balls

Product Description

  • Colors include any pantone color, include orange,fuchsia,lavender,red,green,black,grey,tan,brown,white,sky blue,yellow,mint green,cream,royal blue,navy,baby pink,purple,pink. 
  • Flat packed ready to unfold and hang String attached.
  • Open the honeycomb paper and attach the two backsides with double sided tape to create a ball. Repeat steps to create several ornaments.
  • They can also be used as wall decorations, just fold out halfway and stick to the wall

  • These honeycomb balls are perfect for a Birthday party, wedding,nursery,showers, in fact they will look gorgeous at any event or special occasion.

  • Size: small, mid, large
  • Packing: 2pcs/polybag

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