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  • Cardboard display
Name:Cardboard display

Product Description

POP floor free standing display stand

 The size,structure can be custom as per your needs

The logo,brand name and artwork can be changable

 Suitable for promotion on a counter/table or other place as you want

• Weight light- The cardboard display stand is Easy to transport and carry.

• Environmentally-friendly - It can be 75% recycled material, and 100% recyclable after use.

• Printable - we print directly onto the cardboard display stand surface with superior quality results.

• Easy to work with - It is easy-assembling, saving shipping cost , labor and power

 Knocked down packingThe cardboard display stand can be knocked down packed to save shipping cost

• Customizability friendly- It can be customized in both structure and graphics

• Eye catchingThe cardboard display stand is suitable for goods merchandising and promotion

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